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2016 - Now
Currently I work on Splunk's Machine Learning team as a Software Engineer.

2014 - 2016
I was a Senior Technical Training Instructor at Splunk. I taught people how to make big data useable, valuable, and accessible via classes on exploratory data analysis, querying, processing and visualizing data, statistical modeling, data science and machine learning.


I'm interested in cognitive science, machine learning, and linguistics. You can read my senior thesis on the role of morphology in vector space semantics. Since then, I've been focusing on more general NLP techniques.



    Dimensionality Reuced Exploratory Data Analysis (DREDA) is a pedagogical tool I made in Javascript for exploring high dimensional data that has been reduced to 3 dimensions. The website is primarily a tool for presentation, intended to be used by a data analyst who is well versed with their data set. It's assumed they have already clustered and reduced their dataset. The site features an upload form where users can upload their own dataset. The minimal design, dark background, and rotation are intended for large scale projection, presentation and display purposes - in conjunction with teaching the value of dimensionality reduction as well as its ability to provide insight into large, high dimensional datasets.

    It is all clientside javascript and uses three.js / WebGL. In general, it scales to 100,000+ points. It is also open sourced here

  • sf show map

    This was a project that scrapes the list for music shows and plots the points on a map. I found myself loading the list all the time but sometimes forgetting exactly where particular venues were located. Its really just a tool for myself, but maybe some other people will have fun using it as well. It uses YQL to scrape the data and mapbox and leaflet to do the mapping. You can check out code open sourced here.

you follow some of my other smaller projects on my blog or github.


The best way to contact me is via email. alexx dot johnson at gmail. Feel free to use any of the services shown below. My twitter handle (and handle on most things) is @metasyn.