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this iteration is my first attempt at sharing ideas in this manner. i spent a lot of time thinking about how i could plan for longevity while also keeping the writing process simple. in the merveilles community, writing your own static site generator is something of a rite of passage. and while it is fun to some, and can be a fun little challenge, it represents a deeper idea about building tools that work exactly in the way the user needs them to work. i considered using a variety of different tools to do this, but none exactly met my need. in the end, it made more sense to write my own.

the major requirements for this icon representing the epistemic certainty of the linked pagememex/wiki were:

the plain text is the most important. if later, i want to try to use some other system, i don’t have to import or export any files out of different formats. a few times i have started working with systems to later find that exporting or extracting the information i had addedd was considerably more difficult than i expected. or when it was exported, it wasn’t in a very usable format.

the content of this memex itself is in a pretty raw form. you can see the source code of this memex on sourcehut. you could even use the same tool to write your own if you wanted.

i wrote the first version of the generator in nim but later rewrote it in rust as a way to learn a little more of the language - just for fun. along the way, i also added a gemtext generator for those that perfer to use the gemini protocol - see the site at gemini:// using a gemini client.

over time, i also worked on trying to reduce the size of the site and improve the accessibilty. later i added images, which are by far the biggest impact to performance. if you have suggestions on accessibility, i would be open to icon representing the epistemic certainty of the linked pagehearing about them.

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