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metasyn has been a name i’ve used since around 2006. metasyn is a neologism, a made up word. so, what does it mean?



denoting: position after, along with, beyond, among, behind; second order-kind; a change of condition or position; another subject that analyzes the original one but at a more abstract, higher level; something that consciously references or comments upon its own subject or features;

from Greek meta ‘with, across, or after’.


united; acting or considered together;

from Greek sun ‘with’.


so much of our life can be viewed in terms of duality. the day and night, the heat and cold, the pain and joy in life. the name metasyn is meant to representing coming to terms with what exists, moving beyond the dualities we project and have been taught, or have otherwise come to believe in, and uniting others in synthesis of shared understanding. the act of synthesizing existing information into a new idea to me seems like the essence of creativity, and maybe even humanity - it seems that we have some unique skills at doing this on our planet.

bad puns

there is a pun in there somewhere too - that this essential skill to our definition is a “medicine” to the ailments and challenges we face as both individuals and as a species.

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