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epistemic disclosure

epistemic diclosure is the practice of disclosing your certainty, conviction, background, and origin knowledge about some information. the majority of the information on my site is rather casual, links to notes or other sites, however, i’ve slowly begun to add more essays and personal opinions onto the site. there are also pages where my knowledge is clearly lacking, or othertimes, where i feel something strongly but feel it is based on substance. the practice of of providing epistemic tags to pages is practiced across a lot wiki’s and memexes. examples:

Another approach I like is from a icon representing the epistemic certainty of the linked pagecharacter xe iaso who adds the following to many pages:

This article was posted on YYYY-MM-DD. Facts and circumstances may have changed since publication. Please contact me before jumping to conclusions if something seems wrong or unclear.

While a catchall like that does potentially help, I personally felt more drawn to symbols that relate to a combination of epistemic effort and epistemic status. For now, I’ve only added the naming to the first stage below. I was also inspired by lizbeth poirier’s sigil related work for the simple designs below.

seedling - thesis

the seedling represents undeveloped thoughts, snippets, collections of notes or links. generally used for pages that are just getting started, that may be removed at any time, and are more or less still just stubs for information to gather. in general i mean to show that i generaly am either just starting to collate information, or am less sure of the information itself. though it could be either. seedling pages generally will not be well-linked yet, and may not contribute meaningfully to development of notes across the memex. it could also represent a nascent project, or the beginning idea of a project.

sapling - duality

the sapling is the next stage in development of the note. the sapling on some level represents duality, in some pages where i have at least considered the inverse, the opposite, the alternative. by duality i don’t mean that the note represents, or essential is a duality, but it at least exists past the level of seedling. the other part of the duality is internal dialogues, or from conversations with others, or reading or researching others’ ideas on the topic. for projects, a sapling is in progress, not finished, or otherwise still feels incomplete on some level. it may also be “finished” but lacking something still.

dendroid - persistence

one of the following:

referenced by: icon representing the epistemic certainty of the linked pagememex-todo

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