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SF -> SC -> SF

let’s go for a bike ride! below i’ve outlined a trip from San Francisco to Santa Cruz and back:

day 1: SF -> Half Moon Bay

This day starts out in the city. After we get to Pacifica, we take a detour into a trail known as the “Planet of the Apes” (Thanks Myles!). It is kind of a winding old road that has slowly deteriorated into a jungle, perfect for bikes but not for cars. It is really pretty and pops you out at Montara. From there, we’ll ride more straight forwardly to Half Moon bay where we’ll stay.


day 2: Half Moon Bay -> Costanoa

From Half Moon Bay, we have a pretty chill ride over to the end of Pescadero. The major de-“tour” ;) is the section between San Gregorio, through Pescadero, and back to the highway. Right after that, we’ll be at the campground. I’m expecting this will be a pretty slow, chill day.


day 3: Costanoa -> Henry Cowell State Park

Though the most of this ride is on the highway, thankfully there is a pretty big shoulder and the ride is pretty, looking over cliffs to the ocean. The freeway takes us all the way into Santa Cruz proper.

day 4: relax!

day 5: Henry Cowell State Park -> San Jose -> San Francisco

I’ve never done this section of the ride, so I won’t attempt to describe it outside of the fact that we’re going over the hill, through Scott’s Valley, and into San Jose. From there, we’ll take the Caltrain back to 4th and King in San Francisco and conclude the trip.

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